Friday, May 8, 2015

     Hi! Im Zoe and today I'm gonna tell you how to make a great blog post!. There are many great blogs out there, but what makes them so good?. For example i love my cousins blog her name is Olivia she is 17 (only a few months older than me!) she lives in Arizona!. She's a very good writer and also very creative! She has so many things to make it interesting its not just words on a screen! Theres photos different fonts for different things, links to her videos she makes and songs its great!.  She basically puts her life in a blog and i think thats awesome!, expecially since I'm in Washington and she's in Arizona its a great way to see how she's doing and what her and my family have been up too!.

     Sadly there are some not so good blogs out there, there just not fun to read if someone just types words out onto the screen and posts them to a blog with nothing else to look at or see!. Blogs are meant for writing right? you might as well put a little more time in to add a picture or may be even a song too add to the text.  I mean I'm not saying that you have to do this stuff but it would make more people want to read it. In the end i think its a plus for both you and the reader of your blog. If your like me and you live in a different state than your family members wouldn't you want them to read your blog, but also be able to see what you've been up too and how your doing?.

    I admire people who blog everyday i don't think i would be able to do it everyday! but its a great creative outlet and its free!! Maybe try a blog you never know what will come out of it!! If you would like to read my cousins blog the link is!.

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